Mixed Media

In 2008  

I created a series of Wallpaper art, meaning my figure paintings were collaged with wallpaper from the British Wallpaper company ‘Designers Guild’. 

My idea was and still is, to wallpaper one wall and have my artwork with the same wallpaper on a wall adjacent.  It so happened that at this time Tibits in Zurich had the same wallpaper and I exhibited my artwork in their restaurant.  Together with the wallpaper I used my dress design knowledge and from the same pattened silk curtain material I made a kimono home dress and a cushion creating the feeling of oneness for the home.

I believe I was ahead of the time with wallpaper which is now very fashionable.

I take orders for this creative idea and have an excellent “tapiziere” friend.

Do you want a UNIQUE look in your home, Hotel or Restaurant? For more information please contact me and we can chat.



Wallpaper Art

Mixed Media


These are my LITTLE WOMEN series. Size 27x18cms.   I use my nude sketches and dress them up with fantasy full coloured paper and textures.   This takes me back to my childhood where I would dress my paper dollies and it brings me also full circle with my Dress design profession.